I'm Fredrik

I help organizations in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries achieve a more impactful commercial communication in a digital world.

You have questions like "how to we know we are relevant?", or where should we focus our resources to be more competitive in our digital communication. I have the processes, frameworks, workshops and presentations that connects with the thinking of people in sales, marketing and medical departments.

My story

I'm the owner and Lead digital strategist at Dualia, a pharma and life science agency that has worked with companies such as Galderma, Bayer, Biogen, Boehringer Ingelheim and more at global, regional, and local levels.

Among other companies I've worked with, you will find US Pharmacopeia in Washington, Microsoft in the Nordics, and several life sciences companies on a global level.

For me, the most important factor in collaboration with organizations, is to connect with the people in a humble, empathic and pragmatic way. We are all on our own transformation journey and I'm blessed to learn from the people I meet everyday in my work.

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Since 2012 I'm on a mission...

Back in 2012, I had to take sick leave due to stress-related exhaustion and depression. Then I worked as a pharma marketer responsible for launching a focus product at one of the larger pharmaceutical companies. Circumstances were not good, a couple of months after me, the sales manager took the same route.

When I finally recovered, I decided to do what I can to contribute to better processes, frameworks, knowledge and collaborations in the pharmaceutical world.

I started writing articles, created a platform from which today I navigate my mission on a journey always learning, teaching, writing and lecturing.

All so that as few as possible end up in the situation I was in back in 2012 due to processes and frameworks within their organization that could have been better.

Understand what I've done during the years below...

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Are you looking for an inspirational speaker for your next conference or team meeting? Take a few minutes to look through what I can contribute to your organization

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It is becoming increasingly common that I get to act as a "digital personal trainer" for senior corporate leaders who do not have time to get answers to anything other than their own, specific questions. Are you one of those leaders?

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As owner and Lead digital strategist at Dualia, much of what I do is connected to the business' service offerings. Read more about what Dualia does here...

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My articles focused on digital marketing in pharma and life sciences, parts or whole recordings of my presentations,  digital pharma conference reports. This section is one you shouldn't miss...

A talented and highly knowledgeable leader in multichannel customer engagement, Fredrik is an asset to any organisation lucky enough to hire him. Expect a can-do attitude, infectious optimism, boundless energy, outstanding team-work and rock-solid knowledge of technology-enabled sales and marketing. The greatest compliment I can pay Fredrik is that I would hire him myself if I could!

Chris Mann

Head of commercial excellence, UK & Ireland at Amgen

I worked as a global counterpart to Fredrik, generally interacting with him in strategic brand discussions. I was impressed with his thoughtful consideration and analysis of market data and messaging. I really appreciated his commitment to the business and his enthusiasm for integration with the global / regional marketing teams. And I valued the collaborative approach he took with his country marketer colleagues; respectfully listening to multiple perspectives but not being afraid to jump in and add his own perspective.

Becky Bailey Bristol

VP Head of North America Sales and Marketing AT Apellis pharma

Fredrik is a sophisticated and creative marketer that was assigned to the top Brand for our company. He approached his work with a very strategic mindset, was able to pull out very specific market insights from data, and create and execute plans that had a very positive impact on the overall business. Not only was his marketing ability impressive, but his collaboration with the wider marketing network across Europe helped to further the Brand elsewhere as well. I highly recommend Fredrik based on a clear set of marketing competencies that were very visible to me and my interactions with him!

Jeff Ciesla

US Director of Field Marketing AT Alexion

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